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A woman like me seeing the name “GNU” for the first time in “GNU GRUB version 2. 02-beta2-36ubuntu3.18” won't immediately know what it represents, but I become one step closer to finding out. 


When was the first time you heard about linux and GNU?


The first time I heard about linux was from a friend of mine in 2016 who lives in my street. His old computer was running Ubuntu / linux and at that time it was the first time for me I saw that desktop and actually met an average linux user with an interesting history.  That made me curious.

After you met a linux user, what made you curious?
I wanted to know what linux is and what you can basically do with a computer. Because I am one of those newbies/novices who just came to see how a computer works or to understand what an IP address really is. But I was particularly curious about what made him the switch from windows to linux. Or rather I say, migrating between windows and linux in both reverse ways.

So your friend whois an average user is switching between linux and windows in both reverse ways. Did you ask him what made him switch to linux?
Yes.  I asked my friend why he made the switch to linux. Well, everybody likes to feel in control. And with linux you have that control is what he said. The source code details the way a program works (it is effectively what programmers write). Without it no one can understand how the software is built.  Windows comes without its source code. No one can look inside. More than that: all users must abide to the license term that you have to paid for - rather then "free beer" He hates that is what he said. And with linux you have that control and linux is free.

How to install proprietary software in Ubuntu  |  FriendsPC

Bob isn't concerned about the amount of proprietary software that seems to be a part of Ubuntu now.  I've noticed a quite few apps that in the software center are listed as "License: proprietary".

  Xeoma video surveillance software from the Ubuntu Software Center.
 Ubuntu is delivered by Canonical, the Company that makes and distributes Ubuntu.


hi my name is PriscillaPriscilla, 1993, NL ♀

And this is what we see the young kids using right now, because there's a lot of programs out there that you could just download, run, and it'll re-write the web page for you. One gives you full access to the remote, to the web server in about four seconds. There's another one that will completely shut down the web servers in a second. There are all kinds of tools out there that these kids can download and they don't have to understand how they work. They don't have to understand how to write it. The only thing you have to do is understand how to click a mouse. So that does cause a lot of issues and a lot of problems. . . .

Which operating system do you use?

As a kid I  grew up with windows by my parents.   At this moment I am using the Mac OS as computer until my computer stops working I want to built an entire new computer from scratch because I have the choice and freedom to do so and start participating in the GNU-Project.

Richard M. Stallman is the Founder and developer of the GNU operating system and the Powerful Emacs from today. How did you heard about Richard M. Stallman?

Well, most people have never heard about GNU.  A woman like me seeing the name "GNU" for the first time in "GNU GRUB version 2. 02-beta2-36ubuntu3.18" - (Grandma's computer, getting her on linux), won't immediately know what it represents, but I became one step closer finding that out.

What did you find out ? Grandma's computer, getting her on linux ?

I find out that GNU exist on the web even if you don't search for GNU. 
GNU exists on Wikipedia.  When you search for "linux"
or "open source" or "ubuntu". In any case,

...it happens to the best of us. 
A friend or family member asks for help,
being so close, how you can say no?
Could you fix my printer?

Usually it begins with a small favor.

That small favor leads to others.

Once you fix something, they'll forever regard you as the "Computer Genius." If it reaches this point, you're pretty much screwed. From now one they won't call Tech Support. They'll call You. They call Savvy Grandkid.

♀ Why its Better to pretend you don't know anything about computers from The Oatmeal

to be continued

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You have seen Ubuntu/Linux installed in a friends PC. That's a nice program, can I have a copy?

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You have seen Ubuntu/Linux installed in a friends PC. That's a nice program, can I have a copy?

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■ You have seen Ubuntu/Linux installed in a friends PC. "That's a nice program, can I have a copy?"  

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You have seen Ubuntu/Linux installed in a friends PC. That's a nice program, can I have a copy?


Bob has spent the last ten years fruitlessly trying to catch linux up with proprietary software.

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